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4 Things We Learned from Seeing No-Make Up Pokimane

We all know Offline TV and League of Legends Twitch darling Pokimane (real name Imane Anys), right? Pokimane is known for her Twitch streams not only on League but also on Fortnite.

Photo from Pokimane's Twitter (@pokimanelol)

Just recently, Pokimane did an IRL stream on Twitch with no make up on. That's right, for the first time online, we see a bare-faced Poki who usually does her streams in full cosmetics, mascara and lipstick and all.

Here are four things we learned from seeing Pokimane with no make-up on for the first time.

[1] Pokimane not having make-up on is unusual.

For followers of League of Legends and Fortnite darling Pokimane, seeing Imane bare-faced for the first time might come as a shocker.

Fans who tune in regularly to Poki's streams are used to being greeted with her usual look, lashes and eyebrows on fleek and all.

[2] It's a good thing to not always promote make-up as a natural thing.

Coming from Pokimane herself, telling everyone that "this is how I look naturally" when you have make-up on isn't something people should always do. The definition of natural is being bare – and that means totally having no make-up (and yes, doing your eyebrows isn't counted).

[3] We're all just eggs naturally.

"You lookin' like an egg. I'm lookin' like an egg. And that's okay."

Pokimane compares all of us to eggs, which are plain and simple as they can be. Being bare is being an egg –  well, except when we start to put on foundation (because according to Poki, that's when the real egg-ification starts).

[4] No one looks good 24/7.

At some point during the day, you're gonna have to remove everything –  make-up, accessories, clothing – and it's not going to always look good as it does when you have all these things on.


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