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5 Things You Missed on ESGS 2018 this Year

1.The awesome esports action

Since the first day of ESGS, we have been promised to witness tournaments from WESG and the Road to the Nationals. Attendees witnessed local players compete in Hearthstone, CSGO, and Dota 2.

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The finals for the Road to the Nationals was also held during the weekend, where Tekken 7 and Dota 2 local champions advance to The Nationals set for the first quarter of 2019.

2.All the freebies!

As one of the biggest gaming events in Southeast Asia, tons of freebies were given away this year. There were ballers, lanyards, tumblers, posters, and even caps – all gamers have to do is to register and play!

3.Crazy deals, insane discounts

What an insane line en route to ESGS!

A total of 19 gaming brands had their booths set up all throughout the three days of ESGS 2018. Some gave out outrageous discounts up to 40% off, while some brand held raffles for gaming peripherals. With these crazy deals come crazy, long lines as well, so if you weren’t able to purchase anything try coming earlier for ESGS 2019!

4.First to try the new games

Console fans got a first try at Capcom games Resident Evil 2 Remastered and Devil May Cry 5, both coming out sometime next year. Most gamers note that the long lines were really worth it for the 20-minute gameplay. You’ll also get a free poster of the game after playing. What a steal, indeed!

5.Great finds at the artist alley

The narrow artists lane was filled with hidden gems such as gaming button pins, postcards, and commissions from local artists. Diredude was also present in the artist’s alley, selling our favorite Dota 2 merchandise.

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