PUBG is going to have its first Invitational tournament for 2018 this February at the IEM Katowice. 16 teams will be fighting for the $50,000 prize pool.

The first mass PUBG Invitational LAN for 2018 is going to happen at the end of February in Poland at the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice. It will feature 16 teams, 9 of whom will come via direct invites. They are probably going to be announced very soon. The other 6 teams will come through a regional qualifier which will happen on 20 – 21 January on ESL Play.

The 9 invitations will go to 3 North American teams, 3 teams from Europe and 3 Asian teams. The other 7 teams will be chosen through regional qualifiers. The qualifiers will be open to 512 teams. Compared to last year’s 2017 IEM Oakland Invitational. It also had to choose 8 teams from a pool of only 320 teams. It will be a bloody battle!

“The IEM World Championship Katowice 2017 was the world’s largest esports event in history, and with PUBG’s competitive debut at IEM Oakland, we are thrilled to feature it again at such a renowned IEM event,” said Michał Blicharz, VP Pro Gaming at ESL. *“Previously adding PUBG to the agenda brought a lot of excitement to the arena and we feel that it will be a great addition to the IEM Expo.” – IEM *

This is the third PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ESL event. The first one was at last year’s Gamescom and it was filled with confusion, due to the fact that it was extremely hard to cast, because of the nature of the game. It is not known yet what will be the structure of this one since it has only 16 teams. Both the Gamescom even and the IEM Oakland event had 20 teams having a go at each other. But no matter how it will be organized, we are sure that it will be easier to cast! And we also hope that the South American qualifier will be able to get their visas in order before the event.