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Netflix Documentary '7 Days Out' Features League of Legends Championship

Ready to see all the esports pressure and drama?

Get ready for this one-of-a-kind documentary on Netflix.

Go inside the world of esports.

Popular streaming company Netflix has just dropped its teaser for a unique documentary.

'7 Days Out' is basically a behind-the-scenes documentary highlighting six different events from six different worlds.

One of the events featured in the documentary is the recently-concluded League of Legends Championship.

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'7 Days Out' will focus on the League of Legends Spring Finals 2018 -- the North American Championship Series.

The concept of the whole show basically revolves around six iconic events -- fashion, food, sports, gaming, and space. Netflix will be giving its viewers an exclusive look on the CHANEL Haute Couture Fashion Show, the Kentucky Derby, the Westminster Dog Show, the League of Legends Championship, NASA's Cassini Mission, and the opening of Eleven Madison Park -- all behind the scenes.

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Featured in the series are luminaries Karl Lagerfeld, Daniel Humm, and Rick Fox to name a few.

League of Legends esports and its significance this 2018

Riot Games recently released an end-of-the-year report with an analysis of their esports events this year. The 2018 World Championship in particular has the highest viewership count in esports history, garnering 99.6 million unique viewers.

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"The rising level of competition saw breakthroughs by teams like FNATIC who engaged the entire European continent by reaching the finals and Cloud9 who held North American fans in suspense with their run to the semifinals (the first-ever for an NA LCS squad)."

It was definitely a season for the history books.

Netflix's '7 Days Out' will be available on the streaming platform on the 21st of December.  


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