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Alliance confirmed for ESL One Mumbai

The Indian audience will get to see the European giants in action in Mumbai.

ESL One Mumbai is a big deal for the Indian Audience; it is the first time that a premier Dota 2 event will happen in the country, with the best teams from around the world taking part in it. For now, two of the 12 teams for the tournament have been confirmed.

The first team to be confirmed for the event was Ninjas In Pyjamas. The Indian community had seen it coming, since ppd had been sending LinkedIn connection requests to esports professional in the country the day the tournament was announced. The announcement was made a couple of weeks ago. The latest announcement confirms that Alliance will be in the tournament as well.

The addition of Alliance gives a big boost to the tournament, after fans were left disappointed when Cr1t mentioned on his stream that it was highly unlikely that EG would be playing in ESL One Mumbai.

In total, 12 teams will be competing in the tournament with 7 being direct invites.

The rest five will come from the qualifiers, one of them being the Indian Qualifier to give a spot to an Indian team. NA, EU + CIS, China and SEA will have one qualifier each.  

ESL Mumbai will take place from April 16th to April 21st, with the playoffs starting from April 19th. The playoffs will take place at the NSCI Dome in Mumbai.  

Just like all other ESL tournaments that happened in this season, this one will not be a DPC event either. But it will have a huge prize pool of $300,000, with the winner taking $125,000.  

To keep up on which teams will be coming to ESL One Mumbai, stay tuned.  


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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