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Another Legacy Player Gone: Gen.G’s Ambition Announces His Retirement

The most consistent Korean mid-laner is now officially retired.

So long, Ambition.

Seven years’ worth of competitive League of Legends.

Gen.G Esports’ jungler Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong has officially retired from playing League of Legends professionally.

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In an article by Korean website Fomos, Ambition announced his retirement on the 24th during his first ever stream on his newly-created Twitch channel (twitch.tv/lol_ambition).
Fans have been waiting for Ambition’s next move since his contract with Gen.G Esports ended back in November.

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In a translated write-up by Korizon, Ambition light-heartedly told his Twitch audience:

“Retirement. It’s retirement. I have settled on retirement. I am so sorry and grateful. I wanted to do a goodbye [to the fans].

Saying goodbye to a legend.

Ambition is well-known as one of the original players when the LCK (League Champions Korea) started. He was a mid-laner for the first half of career, and eventually shifted to being a jungler on the latter half.

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As a former member of the Samsung Galaxy (SSG), Ambition has won the Korea Regional Finals back in 2017 against KT Rolster with a clean sweep of 3-0. He is also among those who have defeated another legendary team SKT Telecom 1 during the Worlds 2017 Championship also with a clean sweep.

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The year 2017 became a pretty significant time for Ambition, as he married his wife Maeng Sol-ji.

Chan-yong has also been featured in the latest Worlds music video ‘Rise’ where he got featured side-by-side with Perkz, Uzi, and Faker.


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