Another batch of cheating scandals rock Indian CS:GO scene

2019 is becoming a tough year for the Indian CS:GO scene as 2 cheating scandals emerged, just months after Nikhil "forsaken" Kumawat shocked the CS community by deliberately cheating in the middle of a big LAN in China.

The first issue emerged when a certain “Asuragod” who plays under team Placeholder 2.0 caught the attention of fans when they came out bursting through local competition without most teams having any prior knowledge of the team’s existence.

Suspicions surfaced when a clip of his team playing during the ESL Starter Cup against the Academy team of ESL India Champions 2ez made rounds online. The video shows Asuragod’s gameplay perspective showing numerous hints of cheat usage. His team was down 12-15 but they eventually went on to win 19-17.

The incident caused him a one year ban imposed on SoStronk. He and his team are yet to issue any public statements regarding the incident.

Not one but TWO

Just a little over a week after the incident with Asuragod, another scandal emerged this time involving Slaughter Rage Army member Bubun “The_Guru” Panday.

The wait is over so Today, we are going to uncover the truth about SRA captain Bubun Panday. There have been many...

Geplaatst door Gurtej Singh op Zondag 20 januari 2019

A lengthy Facebook post by fellow pro Gurtej “ProuD” Singh claims that Panday had access to hacks that are even allegedly used during the Indian LAN Gaming tournament last December.

The post included screenshots that suggests Panday giving instructions on how to use the hacks. The hack is centered on a vibrance.gui file which is commonly used by pros to adjust the game’s brightness. The hack allegedly comes with a hot key that can disable all cheating commands which is also re-executable by pressing certain keys in the open chat window of CS:GO. The operations for the cheat suggests that it is designed to prevent suspicion even if it is used publicly on LAN events.

A screenshot on Gurtej “ProuD” Singh's Facebook post showing instructions on how to use the cheat.

Singh also said that he along with unnamed men “went to his house to amicably sort the situation” but was not fruitful as Panday insisted that a court paper must be signed “that no one will post a single proof about him”. He also added that the disgraced star behaved rudely because Singh’s party declined his offer.

We got our hands on subtle proofs which proved he had installed hacks in his PC and was also going to use the current 'break' his team is taking to try and hide it in a better way. It's a shame we have players using hacks to gain an advantage at such a high level within the Indian Pro scene. We hope the tournament organizers take a stern look at the proof.

Slaughter Rage Army is regarded as one of the top local teams in India. The squad finished 2nd at the ESL India Premiership where they lost to the 2ez main team in the grand final re-play that stripped the title to the now defunct Optic India after forsaken was proved to be cheating during the event.


MN | Neil Martinez

MN | Neil Martinez

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