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One month in, Apex legends hits 50-million player mark

The latest Battle Royale game totaled 50 million players in just about a month.

No one was expecting a new Battle Royale when Apex Legends hit, let alone one coming from Respawn Studios. The studio made a critically acclaimed but low-selling Titanfall series, but they struck gold with Apex Legends. The BR was released the same time it was announced, and players flocked to the game because of sheer curiosity.

But they stayed due to the sheer awesomeness of the game. Within the first 24 hours, the game had more than 1 million players, and within a week, the number had crossed 20 million. But the game doesn’t seem to stop growing, as the total number of players playing Apex Legends has crossed 50 million users. And it has only been a month. The announcement was made by Vince Zampella on Twitter.

BTW, I recommend you watch the video in the tweet, you won't be disappointed.

In comparison, Fortnite had hit 45 million players in 16 weeks, which is about 4 months.  

The rise of Apex has been steep. This news comes as a sigh of relief for EA, whose Anthem has been struggling quite a lot: The game is crashing, and in some reported cases, bricking Consoles. So much is the problem that Sony is refunding the game within 5 minutes of application.

Coming to Apex, the game isn’t quite out of the water yet. I believe, even though the game is quite amazing, players are flocking to it to because it is a new kid in a genre dominated by Fortnite and PUBG. Developers at Respawn will have to keep things fresh by making new content, the first of which we will see this month.

Another problem that the game will have to deal with is cheating, which lead to PUBG’s downfall. I have myself encountered a cheater in Apex. Currently there is no report system in-game but anyone suspected of cheating can be reported by filling out a form and sending it to EA. Respawn and EA definitely need to do better than that and learn from PUBG. After all, Fortnite still has a player base of 200 million, and Marshmello.


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

Rudraaksh is a dentist by trade but a gamer by heart. He’s written for adventure sports website and volunteered for a Germany based newsletter, but is currently taking the esports scene by storm.

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