Astralis downs Navi for FACEIT Major 2018 Championship title

Astralis became two time CS:GO Major Champions after beating Natus Vincere 2-0 (16-6 Nuke, 16-9 Overpass) in what happened to be a lopsided series.

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— Astralis (@astralisgg) September 23, 2018

Compared to their hard fought victory at the ELEAGUE Major Atlanta in 2017, the Danes managed to fire all cylinders to hoist the FACEIT Major trophy. The series ended up between the rest of Astralis versus the lead of Denis “electronic” Sharipov. electronic tried to carry Navi all throughout but wasn’t enough to fend off the Danes.

Comfort in Nuke

The grand final showdown began in Nuke, Astralis’ map selection which was also their stronghold. Egor “flamie” Vasilyev opened the map well for Navi, leading the way for the CIS group to claim the first three rounds. But all things went to the way of the stars after the first gun round which they followed up with a 9-0 run.

1v3 @electronicCSGO 👏 A lifeline for Na’Vi@natusvincere 4 – 9 @astralisgg #FACEITMajor
#FACEITMajor 🔴

— FACEIT (@FACEIT) September 23, 2018

Navi fell behind as Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev never went online, handing Astralis a decisive 11-4 half. The second half once again went to Navi’s way, but an impressive eco immediately thwarted their hopes as Astralis forced their way to a 16-6 victory.

Interestingly, Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander and his boys have an 18-0 run with Nuke on LAN prior to the grand finals.

Momentum in Overpass

A perfect flank from @dupreehCSGO 👌@natusvincere 6 – 9 @astralisgg #FACEITMajor
#FACEITMajor 🔴

— FACEIT (@FACEIT) September 23, 2018

Astralis carried on their momentum in Overpass, taking the CT pistol round behind Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen’s three man tap to take control of the game. Down 0-4, the CIS squad managed to nab a 5-1 rally to tie 5 rounds apiece, but the Danish defense was too tough to crack as Astralis closed the half 9-6.

Again playing in full circle, Astralis took the T side pistol round along with the anti-ecos to threaten Navi’s hopes 14-6. With little to no margins for error, Ioann “Edward” Sukhariev led Navi trough a triple kill hold that came with two more rounds. But their efforts went futile as Astralis took map point, leaving the CIS group with CZs to eventually win the FACEIT Major London 2018 in a very strong fashion.

Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz was hailed as the tournament MVP after a consistent game throughout the New Legends and Champions stage. The team AWPer led the team with his 1.26 rating, peaking at 1.88 and 2.9 during their games against Vega Squadron and MIBR.

The FACEIT Major Title is the second CS:GO Major trophy for Astralis, while Navi is left with another 2nd place finish for the third time.