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This Baker Fiora Skin Concept Just Got Out Fresh From the Oven!

You know what's hot in League of Legends right now?

Skin concepts by our fellow summoners, that's what!

Golden and extra crispy – presenting Baker Fiora!

Splash art for Baker Fiora. Photo taken from /r/LeagueofLegends by u/the0utlander

Artist Nebura (u/the0utlander on reddit) posted a glorious skin concept for the Grand Duelist, Fiora – it's a Baker skin!

Complete with an in-game model, Baker Fiora uses a French baguette as a replacement for her sword. Is it strong enough to withstand the weapons of summoners in the League?

In-game model for Baker Fiora. Photo taken from /r/LeagueofLegends by u/the0utlander

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In-game model for Baker Fiora. Photo taken from /r/LeagueofLegends by u/the0utlander

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The skin concept also comes with an emote and some model studies.

Photo taken from /r/LeagueofLegends by u/the0utlander

The art also features Baker Lulu, another fan art Nebura did for Skintober.

Since its posting, the Reddit thread has been upvoted 97% with 6.9k upvotes as of the writing of this article.

The Baker skin line-up

Photo taken from NA League of Legends website (na.leagueoflegends.com)

Baker Fiora came from the original skin line-up of Culinary Combatants consisting of Barbecue Leona, Sashimi Akali, Baker Pantheon, and Butcher Olaf.

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Together with Baker Leona and Baker Lulu, will these seven uncanny champions in one strange team composition be able to whip up a sumptuous dish? Only one way to find out – Riot, make more Baker skins!

For more of Nebura's art, follow our fellow Summoner on Twitter @NeburaART.


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