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IN PHOTOS: Bowsette and Bridal Peach Cosplay by Cloud9 Sneaky

As we would like to say, "Sneaky does it again!"

Cloud9's famous AD Carry finally gives in to the internet trend.

The genderbend crown has been passed to Sneaky.

Zach 'Sneaky' Scuderi once again surprised everyone with his Bowsette and Bridal Peach cosplay.

Photo taken from Sneaky's Patreon site (patreon.com/c9sneaky)

Sneaky's Bowsette cosplay is very much on-point, as the League of Legends pro player show off in a black dress, some bracelets with spikes, and the Princess Peach power-up.

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"But where'd ya get them--" Photo taken from Sneaky's Twitter account (@sneaky)

On the other hand, the Princess Peach cosplay features a more revealing photo, as Sneaky cosplays the bridal version of Mario's love interest.  Dressed in pure white, will you take this princess to a wedding, or will you go straight to the honeymoon?

Photo taken from Sneaky's Twitter account (@sneaky)

Sneaky, the AD Carry for  NA team Cloud9, has taken up cosplaying (and crossplaying) as his hobby.

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Aside from seeing him as a professional player in League of Legends, he also dresses up as our favorite characters!

Check out more of Sneaky's past cosplays in his Patreon page here.

The Bowsette Trend

Months ago, an artist on Twitter posted a comic strip featuring Mario and the gang. At the end of the comic, Bowser wears Princess Peach's power up which turned him into his lady human form. From its release, artist Ayyk92 has started an internet trend called "Bowsette."

Photo taken from haniwa's Twitter account (@ayyk92)

Which character should Sneaky cosplay next? We want one of the K/DA skins, at least!


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