Bowsette Breaks the Internet: Top Fan Art on Twitter as Listed by GameGeek

King Kappa breaks the Internet today.

Or should we say Bowsette, the Queen Kappa?

We want Bowsette! Nintendo, please?

What started out as a simple Mario comic fanart suddenly exploded into the hottest Internet meme today. GameGeek lists down the top Bowsette fan art that we’ve found on Twitter.

Here is kendy (@revolocities) with a drawing of not only the female Bowser but with Prince Peacher, the male version of Princess Peach.

![]( by @revolocities
> Just like how bowsette is loud and tomboyish, peacher is very effeminate and gentle. Uses a parasol.” > >  

Mexican voice actor Pelo (@SrPelo) created a short video involving Bowser Jr., Wario, and Toad. Watch ‘Bowser beats mario’ here:

Bowser beats mario #Bowsette

— Pelo (@SrPelo) September 24, 2018

Korean artist WOOT SANG (@KAHVOM) created a comic which shows Bowsette and Mario’s potential as a couple together.

#クッパ姫 #Bowsette
I translated the cartoon I drew earlier, but I'm not sure it worked.😂😂
I am not confident because I am not good at English, but I wanted to show it to you.

— WOOT SANG / 웃상 (@KAHVOM) September 23, 2018

Could this be a new ship sailing? Do you, dear reader, want this to be Canon? Nintendo, please?

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A couple of artists claimed to be “jumping on the bandwagon” as they drew their own renditions of the female Bowser. We have Zumi (@ZumiDraws), LiliRulu (@lilirulu), Montie (@carlo_montie), RoMaNa (@FoxRomana_0), and Fream (@justfream).

![]( the details in this photo from @ZumiDraws
![](’s a gothic lolita-esque art by @lilirulu
![]( a provocative bare Bowsette by @Carlo_Montie
![]( art by @FoxRomana_0
![]( chibi version by @justfream
And of course, this trend would not be complete without a Bongo Cat meme version. Go give this a listen from Krisoyo (@Krisoyo)!

Yeah, sure! I'll meme#bowsette #BongoCat #クッパ姫

— ⚡️Krisoyo⚡️ (@Krisoyo) September 23, 2018

How a new persona was born

The female persona of Bowser, which everyone now calls as Bowsette, was created by Twitter user ayyk92. This Malaysian guy also goes by the name of haniwa.

![]( by @ayyk92
On the 20th of September, haniwa tweeted a four-panel comic that he worked on about Mario and the gang. Here is the original comic, which is posted on his Twitter account. The tweet has garnered 70, 000 retweets and 154, 000 likes as of this writing.

Haniwa’s follower count immediately rose after having a top trending tag on Twitter Japan following the comic involving Bowsette.

If you want to check more of this artist’s works, visit his DeviantArt account at

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