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Bucharest Minor Day 2 recap

Day 2 saw two of the biggest teams at the Minor getting knocked out.

The Bucharest Minor Day 2 saw a host of matches. But it was also a disappointing day, as two of the biggest teams and fan favorites at the minor, OG and NiP got eliminated. Here is what happened, in case you missed it:

Lower Bracket

Keen Gaming vs Team Team

This was the first game of the day. The series saw much to and fro, with Keen gaming winning the first game by a huge margin. Team Team managed to come back, dominating Keen Gaming and bringing the series to a decisive game 3. But Keen gaming prevailed, winning the series 2-1.

NiP vs OG

Coming from the upper bracket, this was the last chance for OG to make a mark at the DPC season this year. But sadly, it seems like the TI curse is going to stick with OG for a while. After outclassing NiP in the first match, OG completely fell apart for the rest f the series, losing to NiP by  huge margin in both the matches. NiP won the series 2-1.

Keen Gaming vs NiP                                                              

NiP have met their match. At the Bucharest Minor, they haven’t won a single game against Keen Gaming. This series was no different. Both the matches were closely contested, but Keen Gaming’s execution was much better than NiP’s. So much so that even a four man Dream Coil by Fata in the second match wasn’t enough to make NiP win a team fight. NiP lost 2-0, and was eliminated from the Minor.

Upper Bracket:

Gambit Esports vs EHOME

This was the only upper bracket match that took place on Day 2 of the Bucharest Minor. The first match did not see much action, with both the teams only snagging just over 20 kills ech, yet it crossed the one hour mark, which made EHOME’s Terrorblade a pain to deal with. It eventually led them to victory. The second match saw EHOME pick Anti Mage. The match was muc contested, but AM got extremely farmed extremely quickly, and EHOME were the winners, pushing Gambit esports to the lower bracket.

MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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