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Bucharest Minor Playoffs Day 1 Recap

The first day saw what could be probably the biggest fail in Dota 2 history.

The Dota 2 season has come to an amazing start with the beginning of Bucharest Minor. The first day saw a lot of action, some disappointment and a conclusion that left many people confused.

Upper Bracket

EHOME vs Keen Gaming

The opening series was between the Chinese teams, EHOME and Keen Gaming. The series seemed like a breeze for EHOME. The first match saw EHOME cruise through the match, which in part could be credited to Keen Gaming choosing Dazzle as the core mid. The second match saw EHOME going for a Drow strat, paired with Clinkz, which worked quite well in their favor. EHOME won 2-0.

Gambit Esports Vs OG

The second series was a chance at redemption for OG. They were defeated by Gambit 3-0 in the Grand Finals of WePlay Winter Madness earlier. But this time again, Gambit had the upper hand. OG was completely outclassed by Gambit in the first match, losing to them 4-30. The second match was no different. OG lost to Gambit again, with a score of 3-30. All in all, Gambit got a really easy 2-0 win.

Lower Bracket

BOOM ID vs Team Team

Well, the first match ended in a way that could only be described as... well, I do not know how to describe it. But here is what happened: around the 49 minute mark, Team Team finally reached BOOM IDs base, laying siege to it. At the moment, BOOM ID had a 6k gold lead, which isn’t a lot in the late game. Earlier, though, BOOM ID had destroyed the upper racks and the creep wave had pushed in.

Now after destroying the mid racks of BOOM ID, Team Team got into a team fight with them. While the teams were busy fighting, the Radiant creeps were attacking the Ancient on Team Team’s side. At the same time, BOOM ID got team wiped, and their ancient was being attacked by Team Team. It seemed like the creeps attacking Team Team’s Ancient would bring it down faster before Team Team could bring down BOOM ID’s Ancient, but in a move that is extremely amateur and sloppy, BOOM ID called GG. What makes it even worse is the fact that BOOM ID had the Glyph of Fortification available, but did not use it.

BOOM ID did manage to win the next game and bring the series to a decisive game 3, but lost it. Team Team won the series 2-1, thus eliminating BOOM ID from the Minor.  

NiP vs Playmakers

The last match of the day saw NiP take over Playmakers. NiP were the clear favorites going in, and they proved why. The first match was a breeze for the Ninjas, as they won the match 22-10. The second match was no different, as Playmakers lost to NiP 13-30, and were eliminated from the Minor


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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