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Burning writes to Valve regarding the racism issue

Valve's Erik Johnson emailed Burning saying that they do not support racism

There has been a lot going on in the Dota 2 scene recently; accusations of sexual harassment, accusations of Dota 2 organizations not treating their players right and also instances of racism. Recently, Complexity Gaming's Skem made a racist remark against team RNG at the DreamLeague Season 10. It was soon followed by a Reddit post which showed Kuku from TNC using the same racist remark in a pub game.

Since then, the Chinese fans have been quite miffed and have been raising concerns regarding racism by professionals. Dota 2 legend and founder of Team Aster, Burning, took it upon himself to raise the issue with Valve. He notified the Chinese community on Weibo of his email exchange with Valve and posted the screenshots of the same. The incident was brought to light by cyborgmatt.

In a translation provided on Reddit by the user WhoIsEarthshaker, the conversation was apparently started by Erik Johnson, who is a Valve Executive.

In the next email, Burning replied:

" It is surprising to receive your email. I appreciate Valve's trust in me. I have three questions. 1. For racist remarks during DPC events, if the player isn't punished by its organization, will Valve step in? 2. For non-DPS events, will Valve involve itself? 3. If a well-known pro player make racist remarks in a pub game, will Valve involve?"

Erik wrote:

" We think the three situations you mentioned are not completely equal, but our decision will always revolve on how to make DOTA2 more popular around the world. Pro players have huge impact on the growth of DOTA2. If organization does nothing when problem appears, we will involve."

Burning sent another email, asking what Valve's action will be against Kuku and TNC.

He said he understood Valve not taking action against Skem because Complexity had already taken action against him, but TNC had taken no action against Kuku. He also asked Erik to "use this opportunity to establish clear rules on defining and processing such behavior."

In his reply, Erik said:

"We appreciate that you could pass on our stance to Chinese community. We hope the DOTA scene around the world will become more professional.
We will directly communicate with TNC regarding the incidence. We appreciate the information. We hope we can keep communicating on this issue in the future."

A point to be noted is that Erik did not directly address Burning's request to establish clear rules.

After the conversation came to light, TNC clarified that they had indeed penalized Kuku and an apology was posted on November 3 on Weibo, which went unnoticed.


MN | Rudraaksh

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