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Hard work paid off for Candy Camels!

That's exactly how our Mogul Shootout series 2 winners, Candy Camels, explained their win – "It wasn't a fluke, but hard work that paid off."

Even after a roster change just two weeks before the finals, nothing could stop this CS:GO team from taking out that top spot.

We caught up with Leslie 'Bobosaur' Soen, one of the two in-game leaders of Candy Camels, about how that final match unfolded...

On the day of the finals, Bobosaur said he felt confident in his team as they'd practiced hard and put time and effort into getting a good result – they do practice for four hours every day after all!

In the finals, Candy Camels were up against XunwuTeamwork, but as they'd faced this very team in a qualifying round the week before, Bobosaur said they could plan a strategy to defeat them.

"We roughly understood what their playstyle was like, so we knew what we had to do, but most importantly we had to not be overconfident and get the job done."

Bobosaur explained the highlight of the finals was when his teammate Germ runboosted him onto shroud on the A site cache during the pistol round.

"We were discussing it during the freeze time and we knew it was going to be risky so early in the round, but we did it anyway. Our opponents did a simple execute and came charging out of A main while I was on top shooting everyone in the back. It was an amazing feeling because we were all having fun, and that was the exact moment I knew nothing we did from that point on would screw up this win for us. We managed to close out the game easily from there."

Bobosaur said it felt great to finally win after having their fair share of defeats during final matches in the past. "Hopefully there will be more wins to come. We'll have to work twice as hard now and put ourselves on the global grid one day."


For now? The Candy Camels are going to spend their prize money on a celebratory evening – perhaps with a few too many drinks hinted Bobosaur!

But this isn't the last we will see of Candy Camels. As Bobosaur said, "Of course we have to defend our crown as champions, right?"

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