China has blocked Twitch, according to reports

Twitch became the third most popular free app in the App Store recently. But according to reports, China has it blocked.

The Great Firewall of China has struck again. China has blocked Twitch, according to various reports and user accounts on Weibo. The news was first reported by Abacus, a Hong Kong-based tech news site. They reported that the website was no longer accessible in various parts of the country earlier this week, and then later found out that the app was no longer listed on the App Store.

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This comes after Twitch recently peaked in China. Last month, it became the third most popular free app on the App Store after the state media did not broadcast the esports events during Asian Games. As a result, gamers and fans flocked to Twitch to watch the broadcast. Earlier, Twitch was not as popular due to the website being slow in the country.

Twitch has confirmed that it has been blocked in the country, but the Chinese government has not issued any official statement yet.

Twitch is the latest US-based company and social media platform to be blocked in China. Whatsapp, YouTube, Skype, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all banned in China.

The recent Twitch ban comes after the recent crackdown on video games in China. For the past few months, the Chinese government has frozen a lot of video game licenses, including Monster Hunter: World. Tencent saw the biggest dip in their stocks in over a decade after the recent bans. Capcom also saw a dip in their shares. The Chinese government is apparently doing this to prevent the rising cases of myopia, or poor eyesight among the Chinese youth. The new mandates have also directed the State Press and Public Administration to limit the number of online games in China.

MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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