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Esports Player Uses AirPods to Cheat in Tournament Finals

The list of consecutive esports cheating incidents is starting to become very alarming.

Here's one involving a relatively new wireless marvel.

Pro Clash Royale player gets banned for cheating.

Gregory Haloin (player name: GregEmpire77) has been caught red-handed for cheating in one of the tournament matches for mobile game Clash Royale.

Photo taken from Dexerto

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Using AirPods hidden beneath the tournament-provided headset, GregEmpire77 has been secretly communicating with his manager for a good two minutes, according to the French player.

We were only in the call for 2 minutes and I lost the match. At the beginning he told me it was allowed and I trusted him. (interview from Dexerto)

Later after the playoff match, Gregory confessed to the tournament admins, which led to his disqualification from the tournament.

The incident happened at the Red Bull MEO by ESL 2019 World Finals in the Warsteiner Music Hall, Dortmund, Germany.

Photo taken from Gigazine

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The Electronic Sports League (ESL) for Clash Royale has already been alerted about the situation, even posting tweets addressing the incident:

We were alerted by the Admins that GregEmpire77 was disqualified from the #RedBullMEO for cheating. The player has admitted the charge and is disqualified from the tournament.
The player communicated with a person in front of the stage and gained insights to his opponents plays.

Read more blow-by-blow tournament updates in ESL's Clash Royale Twitter page here.

Photo taken from Gigazine

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The Red Bull MEO Finals has gathered esports players from 36 different countries, all competing for the championship in their respective mobile game titles.

Red Bull MEO by ESL consists of Arena of Valor (AOV), Brawl Stars, and Clash Royale.


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