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Cloud9, 100 Thieves Post Recruitment Advertisement in Today’s Paper

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Wanted: Professional League of Legends Player

Redditor u/TSickler has a keen eye for newspaper advertisements as the user spotted not just one but two League of Legends-related postings.

The advertisements read:

Professional League of Legends Player. 12 mos exp req’d. Multiple positions open. Jobsite: Los Angeles, CA. Send resumes to: Cloud9 Esports, Inc. ATTN: LCS-PP, 2720 Neilson Wy #5697 Santa Monica, CA 90405

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Beneath Cloud9’s ad is a similar-looking post with different details under NBA-affiliated team 100 Thieves.

Photo courtesy of u/TSickler

Both ads have been posted in the wanted section of The LA Times’ December 24, 2018 issue.

The PERM Process

This advertisement is a part of the PERM process (Program Electronic Review Management).

“The objective of PERM is to defend U.S. workers and the job market. This means that the process was created to ensure that foreign workers are not filling the positions that could otherwise be filled by qualified U.S. workers.”

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One of the steps in PERM advertising requires posting a newspaper ad.

“You are required to place a job ad in 2 Sunday editions of a local newspaper with wide circulation in the area of intended employment. So, if the position will take place in Miami, your ad should be in the Miami Herald or a paper with similar recognition.”

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