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Cloud9: The First NA Team to Rise to the Semifinals Since Season 1

Raise that blue flag because the drought is finally over.

Cloud9 has lifted the NA curse!

The last hope of North America

The first match of the second day of the Worlds 2018 quarterfinals went well for North American team Cloud9.

Here's a gist of what happened earlier today.

C9 vs AFS

  • GAME 1
    Before their first game against South Korean team Afreeca Freecs, jungler C9 Svenskeren already claimed victory by tweeting:
    "We are not going home."

C9 Jensen managed to get mid-lane kills as LeBlanc, killing Kuro and Kramer for a killing spree.

Game 1 goes to C9, taking the lead against the last Korean team remaining.

  • GAME 2
    AFS got the first two kills on the second game, however Cloud 9 succeeded in bouncing back as they get the gold lead near the end of the game.

The second game goes in favor of the NA team, 0-2.

  • GAME 3
    As soon as the Baron Nashor went up, the Freecs did not hesitate to acquire the buff immediately. However, Cloud9 was up to stop AFS. We witnessed a heart-stopping Baron steal by C9.

The following clash between the two teams were almost always in favor of AFS because of their tanky picks, but Cloud9 manages to survive one or two of its team members.

The result of the match was a clean sweep 0-3 in favor of C9.

The drought is finally over, and everyone is on cloud nine.

In the end, Cloud9 advances to the Worlds semifinals 2018 after seven years worth of Worlds attempts.

Here is a brief history of C9's quarterfinals journey for the previous years:

History has been made: all Korean teams have been kicked out of the competition, and NA's last hope still remains standing.

At this point, no one has an accurate prediction on the emerging victorious team. Who will claim the Worlds championship trophy this year?

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