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Mogul Arena’s Top Cosplay Picks on ESGS 2018

The Esports and Gaming Summit 2018 recently came to a close. The three-day event was flocked with attendees of all sorts – from gamers, game developers, and even cosplayers.

Here is Mogul Arena’s top cosplayers for ESGS 2018 – the cosplays that stood out from the crowd, showing off a superb craftsmanship and a noticeable love for the character these people are cosplaying.


Hailing from the popular fighting game series Tekken, Mokujin is known for mimicking fighting styles of other people in the fighting roster.

Here we spotted this insane Mokujin cosplay, side by side with our very own Lucky Chloe cosplayer. Did they enter the fighting-game themed cosplay competition?

Death Prophet

This cosplayer really stood out from the crowd, as she effortlessly does the in-game animations of Death Prophet in Dota 2. Krobelus, lend us your Crypt Swarm!


The League of Legends Worlds 2018 is about to have its conclusion this weekend, and with that we’ve included some League of Legends characters in this list, starting off with our favorite fox girl Ahri.

You can definitely say that we’ve been charmed!


Going on over to the Road to the Nationals booth, we spotted the Princess of the Moon, Mirana, hanging out during the Dota 2 matches.

Her Sacred Arrow definitely stunned us, which is why we were not able to concentrate during the tournament. Good thing we covered the best of five final match on the last day!

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Crystal Maiden

On to the other side of the Road to the Nationals booth comes a cold breeze as Rylai the Crystal Maiden awaits. Just look at how well-made her staff is, completing the overall icy look of Rylai.


Cosmic protector Soraka made it to ESGS 2018! We’ve been wondering where her familiar, Shisa, went.

Dragon Knight

Another precious craft foam cosplay we spotted during the event was this Dota 2 Dragon Knight cosplay.

Look at that finish, look at those details, look at those blue glowing eyes – this is the Davion we want!


There were also a lot of Overwatch cosplayers during the ESGS weekend, but nothing beats this magnificent Genji cosplay.

This particular Shimada cosplay looked like it came straight out of the FPS game complete with green lights emitting out of its sword and suit. Please spare us from your Dragonblade!

Layla and Miya

For mobile MOBA fans, we got your two favorites Layla and Miya from Mobile Legends.

Quite an impressive duo in cosplay and in-game, don’t you think so?

Here's a quick video of our ESGS Cosplay coverage, enjoy!

Which of these cosplays from ESGS 2018 did you like the best?

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