CS:GO deploys update with 2 new maps, eco tweaks and more

Valve, creators of CounterStrike: Global Offensive, rolled in a new patch centered on economic calibration and map tweaks.

Two new maps!

Hitting the CS:GO casual matchmaking map pool are two new maps Biome and Subzero – both coming from community mods. Niche map Austria replaced Canals for Competitive Matchmaking, it is also moved to Group Delta in official Casual matchmaking.

Shipped and Insertion will bid goodbye to the map pools for now after missing out the love of fans.

Money management

But the more important part of the patch is the eco-balance to be brought in competitive matches. The main goal of the patch is to lessen the effect of pistol round victories. The balance tweaks for the game mode are as follows:

  • Adjusted the start-of-half economy with the goal of reducing the impact of a pistol round win on subsequent rounds.
  • In Competitive Matchmaking, both teams are now considered to start the half with a one-round ‘losing streak’ that is reset following a round win. Instead of $1400, the Round 1 loser receives $1900, then $2400 for a subsequent loss, etc.
  • The start-of-half losing streak can be adjusted via “mp_starting_losses”

Gun tweaks

There are also tweaks on a handful of pistols and the SG553 and AUG scoped rifles which also tackles gameplay and economic effectiveness.

The community’s favorite CZ75a is adjusted to encourage semi-automatic fire at medium and long ranges. Its effectiveness in long sprays will be lessened due to increased recoil and fire inaccuracy but compensates with an improved accuracy recovery rate – this means that the so-called “CZ:GO” will be more effective through taps instead of continuous spray.

Tec9 meanwhile is buffed with an improved fire accuracy and recovery rate.

Both SG553 and AUG are reduced to $2750 and $3150 respectively, making them a more viable option for players who prefer scopes on long range rifling.

Regular updates incoming?

Other updates come in as well including a VOIP Positional audio setting where the in-game voice audio of a player will be played based from the location of the player in the map. The patch also addressed performance issues and additional mouse bindings for voice chat.

Just a week ago, CS:GO reskinned the Counter Terrorist side of Nuke, Office, and Agency with all-new FBI gears to improve the overall visual fidelity of the CT side. They have also added the MP5-SD in the competitive matchmaking. Could this mean that regular updates from the enigmatic publisher is back?