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Dota 2 pick up lines for your Dota 2 crush

This Valentine’s Day, enchant your crush with our Hero-inspired Dota 2 pick-up lines.

Are you having a hard time breaking the ice with your crush? Well, if your crush plays Dota 2, look no further than our cheesy guide for Dota 2 pick up lines.

Abaddon: Are you Abbaddon? Because I’d like to spend my Borrowed Time with you.

Alchemist: Hey. I wanna be your Alchemist and give my Aghanim’s Scepter to you.

Axe: Are you Axe? Because I will always be there when you Call.

Bristleback: You can be my Bristle back and cover me with your Viscous Goo.

Centaur Warrunner: I might be Centaur but I will not Retaliate your advances.

Clockwerk: Are you Clockwerk? Because you Power my Cogs.

Dragon Knight: I want to be your Dragon Knight and stun you with my Dragon Tail.

Earth Spirit: Are you Earth Spirit? Because you have me magnetized towards you.

Earth Shaker: Are you Earth Shaker? Because you Enchant my Totem.

Huskar: Are you Huskar? Because you light my Inner Fire.

Io: Are you Io? Because I feel Tethered to you.

Kunkka: I am Kunkka, and I know where to mark my X on your Spot.

Lifestealer: I can be your Lifestealer and you can be my Master and put me in chains.

Magnus: Are you Magnus? Because you Empower my weapon.

Omniknight: Are you Omnknight? Because I feel blessed by your Heavenly Grace.

Phoenix: Are you Phoenix? Because I feel reborn when I’m with you.                  

Pudge: Are you Pudge? Because you Hooked my heart.

Tidehunter: When I saw you, I became Tidehunter and Gushed in my pants.

Tiny: Are you Tiny? Because you can Grab my tree.

Treant Protector: Are you Treant Protector? Because I can sense an Overgrowth.

Valentika by Tiny-Tyke

Anti Mage: I might be Anti Mage, but I could not Counter your Spell on me.

Bloodseeker: Are you Bloodseeker? Because you are a complete Thirst trap.

Broodmother: Are you Broodmother? Because I want to Spawn my Spiderlings with you.

Clinkz: Are you Clinkz? Because you Sear my Arrows.

Ember Spirit: Are you Ember Spirit? Because I will let you tie me in Chains. Also, because you have “balance in all things”.

Faceless Void: Are you Faceless Void? Because time stops when I’m with you.

Juggernaut: Are you Juggernaut? Because you make my Blade Dance.

Monkey King: Are you Monkey King? Because I will let you Master my Jingu.

Phantom Assassin: Are you Phantom Assassin? Because the world is a Blur when I’m with you.

Razor: Are you Razor? Because I “sense a connection between us”.

Riki: Are you Riki? Because being with you is like being in a Smoke Screen; I can’t see anything else around me.

Shadow Fiend: Are you Shadow Fiend? Because you have my soul.

Batrider: Are you Batrider? Because you Lassoed my heart.

Grimstroke: Are you Grimstroke? Because it isn’t only the Ink that is Swelling.

Invoker: Are you Invoker? Because you are complex, good-looking and intelligent.

KOTL: Are you KOTL? Because you illuminate my world, and my mind. Also, gib mana.

Lion: I am like Lion. I too, have a powerful Finger.

Nature’s Prophet: Can you be Nature’s Prophet to my Admiral Bulldog?

Necrophos: Are you Necrophos? Because you stopped my heart.

Queen of Pain: Are you Queen of Pain? I’ll let you make me Scream in Pain.

Shadow Shaman: Can you be Shadow Shaman and put me in Shackles?

Techies: Are you Techies? Because I want to get in a box with the three of you.


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

Rudraaksh is a dentist by trade but a gamer by heart. He’s written for adventure sports website and volunteered for a Germany based newsletter, but is currently taking the esports scene by storm.

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