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Dota 2 pros react to the racism issue

N0tail, Resolut1on, ppd and EternalEnvy have released statements regarding the recent issue of racism

If you haven't been keeping up to date with the Dota 2 scene, here's a recap: Complexity Gaming's Skem made a racist comment in the all chat at DreamLeague Season 10 in their match against RNG. The incident made waves, and soon the post on Reddit which showed Kuku's same comment against a Chinese team in pubs did not help either.

So much so that Valve's Erik Johnson himself emailed Burning regarding his insight on the issue. The whole conversation was posted on Weibo, which we covered in one of our articles.

The most recent update comes as a statement from Dota 2 pros. Eternal Envy, who is the teammate of Skem and Captain of Complexity, posted on Twitlonger:

"I didn’t expect the Skemberlu incident to blow up so much and after thinking about it a bit more I realized why it should be blown up. Having played in every region except China for a extended period of time. It’s quite apparent that there’s a lot of racism/sexism/weebism? that affects gameplay. Just yesterday for me 3 out of 5 of my games were ruined and everyone was just all chatting some hate about Peruvians. Although those Peruvians did indeed ruin my game, it doesn’t mean all Peruvians should be shamed from a select few idiots. I believe this Skemberlu incident should be compared with the Solo 322 incident. Just someone being stupid and should be punished but can be a push in the right direction for us Professionals. I hope all pros or players aspiring to be pros take some time to think about just how much pointless hate happens in our pubs and take a stand against it. I just want a better pub experience honestly fuck you assholes."

Statements were also made by N0tail, ppd and Resolut1on. The statements were tweeted by ppd.

N0tail had a positive tone to his message, urging everyone to learn from this mistake and how it can be important to make mistakes to become better. Resolut1on outright condemned racism and said that players should uphold the standard. ppd said that he knew "what it was to be younger and make mistakes". He hoped that by bringing attention to this issue it could be avoided in the future.


MN | Rudraaksh

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