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Dreamleague Minor locked and loaded, will start late October

The cast for the Corsair Dreamleague Season 10 is complete. They'll play in Sweden this coming 29 Oct - 4 Nov, with the winner advancing into the KL Major.


The first official DPC event of the season is now locked and loaded, as the eight teams competing this late October in the Monster Energy DreamHack Studios on Stockholm, Sweden has already been determined.

After a hot open qualifier stage, more action welcomed us as teams fight for a shot at the Dreamleague Minor. Each region had their own set of a four-team main qualifier, with two slots being awarded to EU and NA and one apiece to all the other regions.

It was a refreshing take on the qualifier because, for the very first time since the induction of the Minor-Major system, there were no Major-qualified teams in the qualifier. That circumstance blew the tournament wide-open, and it gave chances to otherwise teams less likely to make the big competitions.


SEA is action-packed, and that is to be expected as there is only one slot to be contested for in the region. Three teams competing in this qualifier also made it on the main qualifier on the KL Major but fell short. Only Boom-ID is the new participant, taking down fan-favorite and last season's SEA powerhouse Mineski on their way here.

The All-Filipino Team Admiral looked poised to take the sole slot after two series wins to clinch the upper bracket, but Malaysia-based TNC Tigers clawed their way from the upper bracket into a 2-1 grand finals victory. Tigers is composed of one Malaysian, two Canadian, and two Indonesian players.


Two slots were awarded to NA, and one of them was snatched by Complexity. That team was the fourth-place finisher in the KL Major qualifier a few weeks back - with all three teams that finished before them advancing into the main event. They scored series wins against ROOONS and TEAM TEAM to qualify. They are fielding a stand-in in Jeyo, as Filipino player Skem has yet to secure a visa.

Fighting their way back from the first round of the lower bracket is ROOONS, the only open qualifier team here. The unlikely stack lead by BSJ first defeated Mexican-team Team Xolotl 2-0, then pulled the upset on TEAM TEAM with a 2-1 victory. The latter kicked him out of the squad not too long ago, making this victory that much sweeter.


NaVi is back? Their demise without previous star player Dendi has been greatly exaggerated, and they have now qualified for the minor with an impressive showing in the qualifier.

After dropping the very first game of the CIS qualifier, they have proceeded to win the next six games in three series. They knocked out two Russian squads - Empire and Espada - to advance.


Two slots were up for grabs in the EU region, and TI7 Champion Team Liquid was surprisingly in the qualifier as they failed to advance directly to the KL Major. That was not the end of surprises though, as they dropped their first-round match here. It was Swedish team The Final Tribe who took the first slot of the region with wins over Lithium and MangoBay in the upper bracket.

Liquid bounced back though. Despite a shaky performance, they were still able to score a 2-1 win against Lithium. After that, they pulled off a redemption victory against MangoBay capped by this Miracle rampage.


The Chinese veteran teams Serenity, EHOME, and Newbee all fall in their qualifier. With only one slot for the region, Royal Never Give Up swooped in surprised the others.

They had a good showing against Newbee to start their run, and they finished with back-to-back 2-1 wins against Serenity to claim the slot. Malaysian veterans ahfu and 343 are part of that team.


Wrapping up the cast is Infamous, dominating the SA qualifier and taking the lone spot allotted to it. They did lose a game against Thunder Predator and Braxstone early on, but they got their groove back as Timado and company finished with a 2-0 victory in the grand finals.

Dreamleague has provided a Youtube playlist for their qualifiers should you want to watch it.

500 DPC points will be distributed to the eight teams who will participate in this event. 300,000 USD is also in contention, with 125,000 USD going to the champion. More importantly, the winner will fly to Malaysia as they advance to the Kuala Lumpur Major which will start a few days after the event.

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