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Dreamleague Minor off to its main qualifier, total of eight slots up for grabs

The qualifier teams for Corsair Dreamleague Season 10 has been fully decided, and we will now proceed to the main regional qualifier to decide the teams competing in Sweden this coming 29 Oct - 4 Nov.


Corsair Dreamleague Season 10 will be the first event of the DPC season as it was announced to be a Minor in the upcoming cycle. The event proper is scheduled 29 Oct - 4 Nov in the Monster Energy DreamHack Studios on Stockholm, Sweden.

The open qualifier just finished, and competition is more unforgiving this event as there is only one of it per region. The main regional qualifiers has also been reduced to a 4-team tournament.

Here are the results of the opens and a preview of the teams competing in the main regional qualifiers.


Two slots were up for grabs in the SEA Open qualifier, and the qualifier turned up into a highly-contested mini-tournament. TNC Tigers was able to secure a slot after grinding a 1-2 win over Sterling Global Dragons. However, the big surprise was Indonesia's Boom.ID claiming victory against a region powerhouse of not too long ago in Mineski.

The two teams are joining Lotac and Team Admiral in the main regional qualifier.


Only one slot was in contention for the North American open qualifier. ROOONS, whose team members include BSJ and monkeys-forever, took that lone slot convincingly in a strong, undefeated run in their opens.

Complexity, Team Xolotl, and Team Team will be rounding up the four playing for the slots in their region.


The CIS region also had two slots up for grabs in their open qualifier. The Natus Vincere squad, despite being new, flashed their potential again as they knocked out Winstrike to advance. Team Empire also grabbed a slot after a strong performance in the lower side of the bracket.

Espada and Team Spirit will be joining them in the CIS regional qualifier.


Only one slot was open in the EU qualifier, and it was the Swedish and potential home team The Final Tribe who end up taking the slot. They were impressive and outright dominant in their qualifier. Here is the end part of their clinching game.

The three teams directly invited to the EU main qualifier are Team Liquid, Team Lithium, and MangoBay.


Following the trend, China has a strong open qualifier again. With only one slot up for grabs, this was highly contested. But in the end, veteran organization EHOME claimed the win with a 2-1 victory over Team EVER in the finals.

Serenity, Newbee, and Royal Never Give Up are the three teams waiting in the CN regional qualifier.


Two open qualifier slots are at stake in the SA opens, and Infamous bounced back in a big way as their went undefeated in this tournament. The other slot was taken by Fanboys-, another Peruvian team.

Waiting for them in the main regional qualifier of SA are Thunder Predator and Braxstone.

With the open qualifier over, we will now proceed to the main qualifier. Two slots each have been allocated for NA and EU, while the other regions (CN, SEA, SA, SEA) will only have one apiece.

500 DPC points will be distributed to the eight teams who will participate in this event. 300,000 USD is also in contention, with 125,000 USD going to the champion. More importantly, the winner will fly to Malaysia as they advance to the Kuala Lumpur Major which will start a few days after the event.

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