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DreamLeague Season 10 playoffs day 3 recap

Tigers reach the finals, Infamous stand in fourth place.

The DreamLeague Season 10 is coming to an end. The upper bracket finals have already finished and we have our our first finalists, Tigers. In case you missed out on the action, here is what went down:

Royal Never Give Up vs Tigers:

The first game saw RNG dominating against Tigers. They won the laning phase and went on to have a lead against them for the better part of the game. But their early push draft wasn't very successful, since Tigers managed to hold their base. Even Monet's Specter did not itemize for the late game, which proved to be disastrous. The game reached late game, which caused Ahjit's Terrorblade to become big and scary. Tigers won the match 26-30, the score being in favour of RNG.

In the second game, Tigers went for a trilane combo, which proved to be successful. This time, they were the ones in lead. In a match that mirrored the first one, RNG mounted a great high ground defense with Monet on Drow Ranger. A bad teamfight later at the dire base, everything went downhill for Tigers. RNG won this match, with the final score of 29-21 in Tigers' favor.

Game 3 was a complete stomp for Tigers. They countered RNG's Dragon Knight by drafting Outworld Devourer. The game was a stomp from the start to the finish and Tigers won the match 29-9.

This concluded the series, with Tigers winning 2-1.

Na'Vi vs Infamous

Infamous came high from their amazing and unexpected victory against Complexity, who had not dropped a single game in the Group Stage.

The first game was a complete stomp. MagicaL's Alchemist made a Radiance in 11 minutes, thanks to his lane matchup against Broodmother. Even though Scofield stole the Aegis, Infamous was already 10k gold behind at the 25-minute mark and had no chance to come back. Na'Vi won with a score of 36-10.

The second game was a more even one. Neither of the teams had a considerable advantage over another after the laning phase. But the game was soon overtaken by Na'Vi's superior teamfight lineup. Even though Infamous' Morphling managed to get a rampage, the South Americans still lost 24-38.

Na'Vi won the series 2-0.

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