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Legendary Eclipse Leona is Almost Here! Teaser Released Today

Would you dare face me in the day?

The Radiant Dawn is getting a new skin.

Meet Eclipse Leona.

Earlier today, League of Legends released a 47-second clip showing an animation art for Leona's legendary skin, Eclipse Leona.

A transcription of the voice line says:

"You arrived as shadows.
Corrupting all you touch.
All that your hollow eyes could see.
Tell me witch... Can a shadow survive my light?
Tell me... Would you dare face me in the day, once I've scorched you from the night?

Eclipse Leona is divided into two phases: solar and lunar.

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According to Rioter Carlos, both Solar Eclipse Leona and Luna Eclipse Leona share similar animations, but differ in VFX and voice lines for each form.

Solar Eclipse Leona. Photo taken from surrenderat20.net
I really hope that you like getting two Legendaries instead of one for Leona. If this is something that you indeed like, we might explore doing something similar with future Legendaries when it makes sense.
Lunar Eclipse Leona. Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

Solar Eclipse Leona and Lunar Eclipse Leona will be available for 1820 RP each, or get both for 2821 RP.

Can you hear them?

Releasing at the same time as Eclipse Leona are the new coven skins for Camille and Lissandra. The coven are here to answer!

Coven Camille. Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

These coven skins are based on witch activities dating back in the early 20s. The term 'coven' basically refers to a gathering of witches.

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Coven Lissandra. Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

Coven Camille and Coven Lissandra will be available for purchase for 1350 RP each.


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