ESL and Salim Group Team Up to Bring National Championships Series in Indonesia

The future of the Indonesian esports scene is about to get brighter.

And bigger, if we may add. It’s ESL x Salim Group!

This is great news for gamers living in Indonesia.

The world’s largest esports company ESL (Electronic Sports League) and Indonesia-based global enterprise Salim Group is working on a partnership towards a better esports in the country.

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The Salim Group is an Asia-based country which holds diversified and integrated business activities. From food to telecommunications, Salim now adds esports and digital entertainment through this strategic partnership with ESL in Indonesia.

ESL will deliver its esports league National Championships series to the country. The National Championships has already been launched in more than 20 countries across the globe, promoting a better esports community for everyone.

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This big step is aligned with ESL’s move to expand its brand operations throughout Asia, most especially to SouthEast Asia.

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The esports league shall be called ESL Indonesia National Championships. It will go live in 2019, featuring online tournaments concluding in offline finals.

A happy partnership with Salim Group

The Senior Vice President of ESL Asia Pacific and Japan Nick Vanzetti is very much delighted to have Salim Group as their partner.

Salim Group, with its strong worldwide reputation and history in Indonesia is a perfect fit for what we are aiming to build in the market for the years to come.”

ESL and Salim also promise to develop a healthy and sustainable esports ecosystem for Indonesia. The SouthEast Asian country shows a big potential to become one of the biggest markets for the gaming industry.

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**Further announcements about the ESL Indonesia Championships will be posted on ESL Indonesia’s social media accounts [Twitter]( and [Facebook]( Be sure to like and follow so you’ll be updated!**
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