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ESL and FB’s streaming deal might be in danger

Slasher claimed that Valve was unhappy with the deal.

Last year when ESL announced their deal with Facebook to give the tech giant exclusive rights to stream their matches, it made ripples throughout the gaming world. For one, Facebook was venturing into esports, and secondly, it was a big platform. But it was also met with a lot of speculation and a bit of hate.  

Fast forward to their first stream, The ESL One Genting, all the fears came true. The streams were hard to find and had a lot of technical hiccups. So much so that even professional Dota 2 players planned to boycott ESL streams. Another factor that played a part was the abysmally low viewership count; sometimes lower than even the unofficial streams on Twitch.

Things don’t seem to have gotten any better now. In fact, the issue seems to have gotten worse. According to prominent esports reporter Rod “Slasher” Breslau, Valve is not happy with the deal. In the tweet, he also mentioned that even ESL was unhappy with the multi-million dollar deal.

To put it into perspective, the ELEAGUE Boston Major when Cloud9 won on their home soil had more than 1.1 million viewers on Twitch, while the recent ESL Grand Slam where Astralis won on home soil had roughly around 30,000 viewers on Facebook stream.

While the CS:GO deal will end in late 2019, the Dota 2 deal has run its course. With these numbers, it is highly unlikely that the deal will be renewed. As for CS:GO, Slasher claims that the deal might be broken.

Slasher also replied to a comment saying that all of this information was from his source and Valve had not said anything publicly. Apparently, Facebook did not come through on the assurances they gave to ESL, and Valve did not expect Facebook streams to be “that bad”.

As for now, we can only wait and see what happens.


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

Rudraaksh is a dentist by trade but a gamer by heart. He’s written for adventure sports website and volunteered for a Germany based newsletter, but is currently taking the esports scene by storm.

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