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ESL One Hamburg Day 2 recap

Secret survives yet again; paiN and Aster are eliminated.

The second day of ESL One Hamburg 2018 delivered a massive upset. After being pushed to the lower bracket by Vivi, Team Aster, the new power house out of China, was eliminated by paiN. Here are the day’s highlights:

PaiN vs Aster:

Going in, Team Aster were the clear favorites in the match. The first game saw quite a slow start, with the game stretching up to almost 60 minutes. Both the teams had a close laning stage with no clear advantage. However, this meant Sylar’s TB had more than enough time to farm up. Late in the game, painN’s Invoker and Specter were dwarfed in comparison to Terrorblade’s net worth of 40k, which cost them the match.

The second game saw Aster again going with TB and Necrophos, with Boboka on the signature Earth Spirit. But paiN had learnt their lesson, and took objective after objective, and Aster found it hard to cope up. PaiN finally closed the game in 23 minutes. The third match had elimination on the line, and team Aster ran a safe lane Magnus. It seemed a bad decision, as paiN’s Alchemist on hfn worked really well and they stomped Aster throughout the game. Yet again, they closed the game in 24 minutes and won the match.

Vici Gaming vs Virtus.Pro

This series was what you would call a battle of the titans. The first game saw Vici going with the Necrophos and TB combination, while Vici had an aggressive lineup. Both the teams had a close laning stage and VP. But Vici kept the pressure up. The deciding moment came when the Chinese picked up the aegis at the 30 minute mark, and then it was all downhill for the Russian side. Vici won the match.

The second match saw VP drafting 9pasha’s signature Axe. VP took the lead right from the beginning of the game, coming out on top in the laning phase. 9pasha’s amazing Axe plays were too much for them to handle, along with VP’s Storm Spirit. This match was taken by VP.

The third match saw Vici banning Axe due to 9pasha’s performance into the previous one. Vici also managed to draft the Io-Gyro combination. The game was off to an even start. After the 20 minute mark, a defeated team fight led to loss after loss for VP. Vici finally snagged the game 2-1.

Secret vs paiN

Secret completely stomped the Brazilian team in their first game. They won the laning stage with ease, and had the gold lead even though paiN had drafted an Alchemist. The game was over in just 17 minutes, with the score of 3-17 in favor of Secret.

The second game was a bit different, with paiN having a good laning stage. Both the teams were doing evenly, with the game going to and fro. But Secret finally managed to win team fights, even though paiN put up an amazing defense. They made Secret work for their victory. Secret won the series 2-0.

MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

Rudraaksh is a dentist by trade but a gamer by heart. He’s written for adventure sports website and volunteered for a Germany based newsletter, but is currently taking the esports scene by storm.

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