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DOTA 2, VainGlory, and CSGO: More Esports Action Set for ESGS 2018

One of the biggest gaming events in SouthEast Asia is back!

And we are riding in on the hype train.

It's the grand finals of the Road to the Nationals!

All the esports experience, just for you.

The Esports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) is returning again this year as one of the biggest gaming events in the SEA. This three-day event full of gaming activities is set to happen from October 26 until October 28, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay, Philippines.

Aside from the gaming peripherals that would be readily available on ESGS 2018, there will also be multiple esports tournaments for our favorite games.

The main stage schedule for ESGS 2018.

The local finalists of the Road to the Nationals are all set to make an appearance at the tournament stage of ESGS. Players from Manila, Laguna, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, and Bacolod are almost ready to start the finals for the Road to the Nationals for Tekken 7 and DOTA 2.

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The emerging champions of the grand finals will be going with home with a total prize pool of around $5,500 US dollars for Tekken 7 and $22,300 US dollars for the winning team in DOTA 2.

Most importantly, the victorious teams will have a chance to be drafted as a part of The Nationals, the country’s first franchise-based esports league debuting on 2019 next year.

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Renowned esports tournament WESG (World Electronic Sports Games) is an official international partner of ESGS 2018. WESG will be holding the Philippine Finals for online games DOTA 2, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, CSGO, and Vainglory all throughout the three-day event.

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The MESA Open

Mobile esports fans also have a place in ESGS this year, as MESA (Mobile Esports Arena) will also be having their own tournament featuring the best mobile game players.

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