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Esports Thai League: Register for Overwatch and Hearthstone Tournaments Today!

Welcome the ETL to the Thai gaming scene.

We're finally getting some Overwatch action!

Will you be joining the Esports Thai League?

The Thai esports scene has been considered to be among the best around the world. The country's competitive gaming demographic is not something that should just be ignored, as its numbers continue to grow dramatically every year.

This 2019, Mogul is excited to announce that it will be collaborating with the Esports Thai League, (ETL) a league focused on three skill groups. The Mogul tournament platform will aid in administrating and managing the competitions under the ETL.

photo by playoverwatch.com

The Esports Thai League.

Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) are the games that the ETL will focus on. The skill groups will be amateur, minor, and major.

Different tournament formats will be used for these three games, including RR, SE, and DE. An estimate of 256 teams for Overwatch and 512 teams for Hearthstone have already been anticipated by the tournament organizers.

This big step by the ETL not only boosts the Thai gaming scene in general, but brings positivity to the community as well by promoting a healthy competition among players.

Registration for the Esports Thai League starts on January 2, 2019.


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