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Ex-paiN X disqualification: Lelis and CCnC speaks up

Lelis and CCnC took to Twitlonger to explain their side of the story

The Dota 2 scene is full of drama right now. Just a couple of days ago, Valve and StarLadder announced that CCnC's team, test123 (ex-paiN X) was disqualified from the SA regional qualifiers of the Chongqing Major, and the slot would be given to the runner ups, Thunder Predator, instead. The decision came after test123 had already won the qualifiers.

To this end, Lelis and CCnC took to Twitlonger to explain their side of the story.

Lelis started off with an apology saying:

I would like to start by apologizing to anyone who felt hurt or uncomfortable by us playing in the SA region and competing in the qualifiers, this left many fans upset and I am deerly (sic) sorry for the trouble all this has caused.
"I will also point out how poorly communicated this matter was between our team and Valve. We were invited to the closed SA qualifier and even won the qualifier BEFORE we got dq'ed. It seems like something is either very misinterpreted or people were not that concerned about it before we won the qualifiers. It feels weird how powerful a tweet can be, when all of this could have been avoided if we were just dq'ed from the qualifiers before it even started, even maybe giving us a chance to play in the NA qualifiers.
I am by no means trying to justify what we did nor am I calling anyone out on the matter trying to cause more drama, but having rules straight up would have avoided all of this, instead of giving us vague statements where it was allowed or not. I'm sure other teams also have questions and since there are no actually rules it feels all so arbitrary and random.
As for our team we will continue to play in the NA region and will try to qualify for the minor. Again I am deeply sorry for the trouble this has caused."

The tweet that Lelis was referring to is almost certainly the tweet made by ppd. Ppd had raised the issue regarding the team staying in NA for the most part and moving to SA at the time of the qualifier.

Another point that Lelis raised is about the lack of clear rules and regulations by Valve. Nahaz and Redeye have both written pieces about the absence of the leadership and clear rules in Dota 2 after the recent racism issue.

CCnC on the other hand explained why they could not stay in SA:

"After the qualifiers the Americans headed back to America as the ESL qualifiers were coming up and ESL had said we could play in them. We decided it would make more sense for us to play the qualifiers with only 2 players on ping instead of 5. After this round of qualifiers ended we had flown multiple times between NA and SA and had played many sets of different qualifiers and as we had wsoe coming up which we had invited to we took a small break so people could visit with their families. Shortly after wsoe finished I was asked by EG to stand in for sumail as his visa had fallen through so I traveled to Germany very shortly after. This cut our planned practice against SA and NA teams before our bootcamp in Kuala Lumpur short so our next period where we could play together was going to be our bootcamp. It wasn’t a case of us hopping to SA then back to NA due to comfort but due to qualifiers, tournaments and practicality as we are not a rich team and paying for apartments and a place to play on such short notice would be extremely difficult."

As of now, it seems that their team will now shift base to NA, as both of them have said that they will now compete for the Bucharest Minor Regional Qualifiers from North America.


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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