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Excalibur to standin for Forward gaming at ESL One Hamburg

Steve "Excalibur" Ye will standin for Yawar “YawaR” Hassan at ESL One Hamburg 2018.

Well, looks like there is another fan favorite player that will not be attending the ESL One Hamburg 2018. Forward Gaming announced today that YawaR will not be able to attend the tournament, and the team’s mid lane will be taken over by Excalibur instead.  

The reason being cited is a visa issue. It is to be noted that yesterday, it was announced that CCnC will be taking the place of SumaiL, since even he had Visa issues. ESL made an official announcement regarding the matter on their website saying:

“Evil Geniuses and Forward Gaming have been forced to temporarily adjust their rosters for ESL One Hamburg 2018 using stand-in players. Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan and Yawar “YawaR” Hassan, respectively, won’t be attending the tournament as both players encountered a delay in their visa process.”

For those who are unaware, both Sumail and Yawar are siblings and both of them hail from Pakistan. Due to this, many fans on Reddit believed that the reason for their Visa problems could be due to their Pakistani citizenship. But Jack ‘KBBQ’ Chen cleared the air on Twitter. He said that there were few to no days available for consulate visits and the process took long. KBBQ is currently the manager for Forward Gaming.

The Groups for ESL One Hamburg have been revealed and Evil Geniuses is in Group A while Forward Gaming is in Group B. The Group Stages will begin on October 23rd and go on until October 25th. The Main Event will take place in Barclaycard Arena from October 26th to October 28th.  

The Forward Gaming Roster for ESL One Hamburg is:

1/2 Steve Excalibur Ye  

1/2 Roman Resolut1on Fominok

3 Saahil UNiVeRsE Arora

4 Arif MSS Anwar

5 Avery SVG Silverman

MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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