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Someone Made A Portrait of Faker Using Rubik's Cubes

Faker in cubes?

We never saw this coming...

The Rubik's Cube portrait of the legendary SKT player

The portrait of popular pro-player Faker (Lee Sang Hyeok) of Korean team SK Telecom1 has been recreated using 3D combination puzzle called Rubik's Cube.

Taken from Tonylenc's YouTube channel

In a two-minute video, artist and Rubik's cube master Tonylenc shows us how he created a giant portrait of Faker using Rubik's Cubes.

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Of course the whole process did not just take two minutes, but a solid five hours worth of arranging the cubes and lining them up to create a portrait of the legendary SKT mid-laner.

The masterpiece took 720 Rubik's Cubes in total, with 24 cubes on each row consisting of 30 rows in total.

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For Tonylenc, this wasn't a first as his debut episode consisted of recreating a portrait of popular YouTuber Pewdiepie. Is this also another video made to encourage YouTubers to subscribe to Felix?

Tonylenc's Faker episode has already garnered 24,000 views and 566 thumbs ups since its upload on the 2nd of January, 2019.

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The video itself has been posted on the League of Legends subreddit and a lot of Summoners have been expressing their amazement towards the masterpiece. Many Redditors have been suggesting champion profiles to Tonylenc, but he has yet to consider the offers.

Watch the whole clip here and tell us exactly what you think!


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