Faze Clan on the verge of signing AdreN

Multiple reports emerged hinting the possible fifth member of Faze Clan.

Khazakstan’s Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev became the biggest candidate to complete the depleted roster of Faze Clan after sources claimed that the American organization is in pursuit of his services.

Seized leaks

This was backed up by fellow ex-Gambit player Denis "seized" Kostin when he casually answered Dmitry "hooch" Bogdanov’s question on who would be completing FaZe’s roster. Seized dropped AdreN’s name without hesitation. Fans have known seized to be prone on leaking roster information with him hinting the transfers of Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács and Adam "friberg" Friberg before they were officially announced.

AdreN was benched by Gambit Esports for over a month before releasing him for free agency. Gambit consistently suffered poor results since their championship at the PGL Krakow Major 2017 that led to a vast overhaul within their squad.

Faze is looking to complete their roster for the upcoming iBuyPower Masters IV in January 19 as well as at the Intel Extreme Masters - Katowice Major 2019. Mid December, Faze decided to bench former in game leader Finn “karrigan” Andersen who was then loaned to Team EnvyUs. karrigan was an integral part of Faze’s successful runs since his addition way back 2016.

With the possibility of having AdreN, Faze Clan could add depth and leadership that they lost with the benching of karrigan. He was an integral part of Gambit’s championship run at the PGL Krakow Major where he was also hailed as the tournament MVP.

The Kazakh star tweeted an optimistic message on his view for 2019 with fans considering it as a hint from inking the deal with Faze.

The roster lock for IEM Katowice was set for January 1. Whether or not Faze have managed to secure him (without a formal announcement yet). But regardless, Faze Clan might be another formidable team to contest against the dominance of Astralis if ArdeN makes it to Poland.


MN | Neil Martinez

MN | Neil Martinez

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