Final Fantasy XR Ride

Square Enix in collaboration with Universal Studios Japan is bringing the popular franchise Final Fantasy closer to reality – introducing the Final FANTASY XR Ride! On their Facebook page, USJ announced more details about the upcoming Final Fantasy Attraction.

Final Fantasy XR Ride is the first roller coaster in the history of the game. Furthermore, the caption of the post translates to a description of the ride, indicating that the ultimate ride is finally born.

Amano Yoshitaka, the artists who handles illustrations and logos for Final Fantasy, drew an original illustration solely for this ride. Yes, just for Cool Japan 2018’s Final Fantasy XR Ride.

He even made a comment on the logo that he created for the attraction.

“I imagined the beautiful world view of Final Fantasy and the spirit of XR Ride and drew a new visual. It’s like running through the world of Final Fantasy like this visual I am looking forward to it now I can!”

Final Fantasy XR Ride is just one of the two new attractions for USJ’s Cool Japan next year.

Cool Japan

Back in 2015, USJ’s Cool Japan was born. Cool Japan is the period when Universal Studios Japan releases four new attractions based off on pop culture, only for a limited time.

In 2015, they featured popular anime series Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) and Neon Genesis Evangelion, and video games Monster Hunter and Resident Evil.

Come 2016, the four abovementioned attractions came back along with a new fifth attraction dedicated to Japanese model and singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Some attractions were added and some were removed during Cool Japan 2017. They kept Monster Hunter, Attack on Titan, and Evangelion due to their popularity, with some added improvements throughout the year. They added Detective Conan and Godzilla attractions for this year’s Cool Japan.

2018 got us more excited with two new attractions coming: Sailor Moon and the recently-announced Final Fantasy XR Ride.

Other upcoming attractions

Just a week ago, Universal Studios Japan has dropped the bomb and revealed the highlight for their Cool Japan next year: the magical girls of Sailor Moon and the RPG game Final Fantasy!

According to Tokyo Otaku Mode, the Sailor Moon attraction will be available on the second period of the program, which will be around Spring 2018.

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The Final Fantasy XR ride along with the other mentioned attractions will be available early next year, January 2018. The availability of the rides for Cool Japan 2018 will only last from January 19, 2018 until June 24, 2018.

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