The International 2017

The International 2017 is fast approaching. So is the race for the fated TI7 Aegis. August 7 marks the beginning of the biggest DotA 2 tournament of the year. Tickets have been sold out extremely fast in the past years – this year seems no exception. As the days before TI7 slowly decreases, so is the patience of all DotA 2 fans hungry for news about the teams.

Team Infamous

Infamous is a Peruvian DotA 2 team formed by members of the team Unknown.xiu. Sponsored by Wisp, Onseat, Rananet Gaming, Lenovo Peru and *Logitech,*Infamous hails from the South America Region in Peru. Total Earnings? $111,376.

Player Information

Benjamin “BENJAZ” Lanaos

  • Carry and Team Captain
  • Signature Heroes: Juggernaut, Slark, Huskar
  • Solo MMR: 7.7k
  • Approx. Total Earnings: $21,670

Enzo “TIMADO” Gianoli

  • Solo Middle
  • Signature Heroes: Shadow Fiend, Puck, Queen of Pain
  • Solo MMR: 7.8k
  • Approx. Total Earnings
  • Short Bio: “Timado” started playing DotA 2 at the age of 13. He started his pro career in January 2016 with Peruvian team Balrogs. He joined Team Freedom (an NA team) soon after on October 2016. Team Freedom played in ProDotA Cup #7 and #8, DotA2 Asia Championships 2017 Americas Qualifier and Kiev Major 2017 NA qualifiers. “Timado” then joined Infamous.

Renato “KINGTEKA” Garcia

  • Offlaner
  • Signature Heroes: Dark Seer, Slardar, Nature’s Prophet
  • Solo MMR: 7.3k
  • Approx. Total Earnings: $21,270
  • Short Bio: “Kingteka” started his career in esports in 2012. He was a previous member of teams Elite Wolves and Not Today.  He joined Infamous in August 2016. After that, he started to make his name as one of the best Peruvian offlane players.

Farith “MATTHEW” Puente

  • Support
  • Solo MMR: 7.5k
  • Approx. Total Earnings: $1,390

Christian “ACCEL” Cruz

  • Support
  • Signature Heroes: Lion, Dazzle, Winter Wyvern
  • Solo MMR: 6.8k
  • Approx. Total Earnings: $32,098
  • Short Bio: “Accel” began his pro career in 2015 with Unknown.xiu. His first appearance which made him famous was by playing Winter Wyvern during the finals of the qualifiers of Frankfurt Major. After that, Demon, Justin, Accel, Kotaro and Atun formed Team As1- together. Soon after Demon and Justin left, Accel is led to joining Infamous.

![]( from Team Infamous’ Facebook Page
## TI7 Qualifiers

Infamous went past group stage with a score of** 7-2** with losses from** SG e-sports** and Team Unknown. This had them landing third place of* SA Region group stage*.

The Playoffs, though, was a different story. First game was with SG e-sports where Infamous kicked** SG e-sports** down to the losers’ bracket with a score of 2-0. Infamous then faced with Midas Club Elite, in which the latter faced the same demise and another 2-0.

Meanwhile, the vengeful SG e-sports crushed every opponent in the losers’ bracket to be able to face Infamous once again in the Grand Finals.

Infamous, on the other hand, gave no chance to SG e-sports as they took them out of the league with a 3-0.

With all that, the fearsome Infamous walked past TI7 South America Region Playoffs unscathed.

The Run For TI7 Aegis

![]( and Photo from Team Infamous’ Facebook Page

“Estamos emocionados de poder anunciar al roster con el trabajaremos para esta nueva temporada, estamos enfocados en cumplir nuestras metas y buscar el camino que nos lleve a ser los profesionales que marquen un hito en el Dota2 Peruano.”


“We are excited to announce the roster with the work for this new season. We are focused on meeting our goals and looking for the path that will lead us to be the professionals who set a milestone in the Peruvian Dota 2.”

Well, we sure are looking forward to this team.

MN | Lara de Guzman

MN | Lara de Guzman

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