Flash Gaming disbands: founder laments grim issues across the Chinese scene

Chinese organization Flash Gaming officially disbands their CS:GO roster days after TYLOO acquired YuanZhang "AttackeR" Sheng and YuLun "Summer" Cai from their team on a loan basis.

The announcement came along with the release of their remaining players from their contracts. This came after Flash Gaming’s decent run across smaller tournaments as well as an appearance at the ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018.

Flash Gaming's ELEAGUE Major 2018 lineup. Image from eleague.com

The release may not come as a surprise to some fans following TYLOO’s successful bid for two of their players. However, a statement from Flash Gaming founder “Enndy” on Weibo suggested that there are heavier grounds upon their decision to cease all their CS:GO operations.

Esports vs Gambling

In a translation by Redditor u/InXaneGZ, Enndy opened up about unpleasant developments surrounding the Chinese CS:GO scene. He shared his two cents regarding match fixing, cheating, and even unethical behavior among organizations in LANs.

After I entered the Chinese CSGO scene, I began to realize the reality is far from the Esports dream I once had. Money is way more tempting than the joy, happiness and glory from winning a trophy by one's own efforts.
The distributor of the game turns a blind eye to the dark and shady things happening in the scene. Throughout the 2-year journey, I learnt the presence of unspoken rules in the industry that are shocking and unheard. As far as I know, currently there are people paying players from other teams to match-fix, using cheats in matches, trying to call-out spots in a LAN environment, threatening players' safety in LANs, and most hilariously, cutting internet cables.

The “internet cable” issue might refer to an incident last May 2018 where VG.Flash found out that their network connection was tampered by an external entity during the Asia Minor Qualifier Finals for the FACEIT London Major. This ultimately caused them the match with the forfeit win given to Fierce Tiger.

VG.Flash - a joint project by ViCi Gaming & Flash Gaming. Image from hltv.org

The Chinese CSGO scene is ill! – Enndy

The Flash Gaming boss added that he is always thrilled of CS:GO’s pro scene overseas. He is thankful and grateful for his players who stood honest amid all the issues he stated regarding the Chinese CSGO scene.

You may not believe in some of the things I mentioned but these are things that others may be too afraid to speak due to their interests. The reason why I decided to speak up is because of my passion for the game that I've played since I was small.

Lastly, Enndy clarified the loaning of AttackeR and Summer in another Weibo post.

Image of the loan contract from Enndy's Weibo post.

Also translated by InXaneGZ, it states that some parties have brought attention that Enndy is making profit out of the loan, but he stressed that he doesn’t intend to make money out of the two by publicizing the contract on Weibo. He even added that TYLOO can become the best place for the two players following Flash’s downfall.


MN | Neil Martinez

MN | Neil Martinez

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