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This is the Year of the West: FNATIC proceeds to Worlds semifinals

Is this the best Worlds ever or what?

We didn't expect the last match to close the quarterfinals to be this intense.


A semifinal for the ages

"History was made" as several Summoners would say, as the Worlds 2018 quarterfinals comes to an end.

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It was one of the best Worlds weekend we've ever witnessed, the FNATIC vs Edward Gaming match included.


  • GAME 1
    Chinese team EDG dominates the Summoner's Rift 24 minutes into the game, wiping off FNATIC and ending up with an ACE . The Baron Nashor kill also goes to EDG at this point of the match.

The result? The first point for the last quarterfinals match goes to Edward Gaming.

  • GAME 2
    Mid-laner FNC Caps gets a 1v2 kill as a payment for EDG Ray slaying FNC Bwipo earlier in the game.


FNATIC delivered an ACE 15 minutes in the middle of the game. Game 2 of the match goes to FNC, evening out the quarterfinals game.

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  • GAME 3
    The highlight of the third game was FNC's AD Rekkles triple kill after the dragon goes down in the middle of the third match.

FNATIC closes with 2-1, now one step closer to the semifinals.

  • GAME 4
    Rekkles still continues his streak as he gets the Baron AND a triple kill for FNATIC.

The quarterfinals ends with three teams from the west -- FNATIC ends with a score of 3-1.

This Worlds indeed has been the most surprising in comparison to previous League of Legends seasons. The crowd favorites fail to make it, and the western teams just keep on delivering unpredictable feats.

Summoners, are you ready for the dream match NA vs EU at the semifinals? We can't wait for the next weekend!

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