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Fortnite is Going K-Pop With this Collab from YG Ent’s iKON

Could this be a new gaming love scenario? ‌‌We sure hope so!

Let’s get our blings out as iKON comes to battle royale gaming!

Epic Games’s battle royale game Fortnite has announced another musical collaboration following its successful virtual concert with American DJ/producer Marshmello.

Fortnite will be releasing an exclusive skin modeled after one of the members of Korean boy group iKON Right off the bat, fans will recognize the Fortnite skin to have been based from Jung Chan-Woo, the group’s youngest member.

This skin will only be available to anyone who will preorder the new Samsung Galaxy S10.

iKON even flew to the event launch in Singapore to encourage everyone to buy the product, and to get this new Fortnite outfit for K-pop fans.

“Get the new, exclusive iKONIK outfit.
Lead your squad to victory with the new iKONIK outfit. It brings K-pop finesse to your look. Get iKONIK now when you level up to Samsung’s most powerful gaming device yet – the Galaxy S10+.”

When gaming meets music

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t the first time Fortnite has done a partnership with musical acts. The battle royale game has successfully held its first-ever virtual concert which reportedly had roughly 11 million attendees online. The event was led by Marshmello, who played his hit singles, including ‘Happier.’ Along with the concert comes a Marshmello skin which you can use during matches.

On another note, this also isn’t the first time K-pop meets gaming, as last year we were all taken aback by virtual girl group K/DA.

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League of Legends’ four divas Akali, Kai’Sa, Ahri, and Evelynn have spread a fever not just throughout the Summoner’s Rift but on gaming and esports in general. This move by Riot Games has certainly opened up opportunities for the K-pop scene to be recognized globally.

Now, it’s iKON’s turn.


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