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Frosthaven brings Frostivus and the new Rubick Arcana

The much awaited update brings a new game mode and the new Rubick Arcana.

After a lot of impatience and reminders from the community, Valve has finally revealed this year’s Frostivus event for Dota 2. Called Frosthaven, this update will also bring along with it the much awaited Rubick Arcana.


According to the lore, Rubick has gone a bit bonkers and is trying to uproot the Frostivus tree. Five heroes must band together to stop him.

The game mode is a survival type mode, with players protecting the Frostivus tree from being destroyed. The enemies come in waves and the players must survive. It is quite similar to the Dark Moon event. Surviving waves will grant you points, which can be used to unlock items, chat wheel sounds and consumables.

For the extremely lucky ones, there is also the Gingerbread Baby Roshan courier.

Rubick Arcana

The new Rubick Arcana is called the Magus Cypher Arcana. The Arcana will have different effects for about 115 different spells. As the official blog says:

As Rubick steals spells, the Magus Cypher will take on a new arcane color signature depending on the original caster. As you win games with Rubick, he'll also learn how to add his own arcane signature to 115 different abilities, giving each one a distinctive magus flair.

Here is everything that is included in the Arcana:

  • A style progression system that features custom effects for 115 stolen abilities -
  • Custom dynamic color effects on the cape that change depending on stolen spells -
  • A complete set of all-new animations, including cast animations, death animations, run animations, unique stolen spell animations, and more -
  • New base model, texture, and custom animated pedestal -
  • New effect and sound for Spell Steal -
  • Support for dynamic color effects on the Crux of Perplex Immortal Item -
  • Custom ground effect for players who complete the style progression -
  • Remastered Voice -
  • Custom Hero Portrait, Minimap Icon, and Stolen Spell Icon Border Effect -
  • Custom Emoticon -
  • EXALTED item quality on all purchases made before January 21, 2019


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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