Smash Your Way to Victory: GameGeek Exclusive Interview with TSF.PSI Force

#DoItAgain for Super Smash Bros.

Read about TSF. PSI Force’s REV Major story, and how he managed to get a taste of victory two times in a row now.

How does it feel to be a two-time champion?

It feels so good honestly, especially this year’s REV is so much bigger than last year’s. And also I love this trophy because it looks so beautiful.

What were your preparations for this year’s REV Major?

Pretty much play with players, get to experience the matchups.

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That’s pretty much the usual but it’s something that’s effective and you’ll be able to learn how to deal with characters and players.

We’ve seen you in last year’s REV Major and we’ve also seen you in this year’s REV Major. What do you think changed? Did you have any improvements from last year to this year?

Well honestly at least I’m trying to learn to respect more of the players when it comes to their characters, as well as trying to at least learn how to play more patiently… Especially during the grand finals, like when he did the bracket reset like I really need to step it up more.

I have to make sure I don’t fail… Like I have to respect everything of my opponent at that time.

Before Smash Bros. there was the DragonBall FighterZ competition and the winner of that is from Cosmic Gorgons and here we are another winner from CG. You guys are on fire. So what’s up with Cosmic Gorgons this year?

Yeah definitely a good time for us. So far we’ve been doing pretty good, and right now with what’s been happening at REV Major.

It’s really cool that Alden and I manage to win our respective games with him winning DragonBall and me winning Smash Bros. It’s really a good time for CG.

Since you’ve won Smash this year, are you planning on entering future competitive Smash tournaments aside from REV Major? Any specific targets?

Not that I know of exactly, but of course I’ll be continuing to compete in the future tourneys. Of course, me and everyone in the Smash community are gonna jump to the Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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