Looks like Sims mobile is showing no sign of stopping as it grazes the charts and even our GameGeek Weekly Recap!

Ghostik says goodbye

READ: Ghostik leaves Team Empire

Team Empire’s Andrey Ghostik Kadyk had a fairly stable career, staying with the team for almost two years, but few days ago, Ghostik has finally parted ways with them.

“I would like to say thanks to Team Empire for all that time we spent together”, Ghostik said, regarding the departure. “Although not everything went just as planned, I still consider it as a valuable experience. Now it is time to move on and I am optimistic about the future”

It doesn’t end with that. Alexander “StrangeR” Solomonov, Team Empire’s esports director revealed in his statement that Ghostik will reveal his new team pretty soon. What team is it?

New weapon in Fortnite

READ: Fortnite update v4.5 brings Drum Gun along with Playground mode

Have you seen it? The Drum Gun is a hybrid weapon that combines the stopping power of a rifle with the suppressive ability and fire rate of an SMG.  Available in Uncommon and Rare variants, it has 26/27 base damage and a 50 round capacity. Not so bad, huh?

TNC Cup 2018 rolls in

READ: Others will fall, only one will rise: are you ready for the TNC Cup 2018 Grand Finals?

With a total of** Php50,000** prize pool at stake, teams are striving to rise from it all and be hailed as the TNC Cup 2018 champions!  Hundreds of teams from all over the Philippines have registered on TNC Cyber Café branches to secure a slot at the TNC Cup 2018 Grand Finals and GameGeek is there to witness all the battles!

Sad news for Street Fighter fans

READ: Top Street Fighter player Kenji Kuroda arrested

A few days ago this weekend, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike player Kenji Kuroda was arrested for allegedly molesting a high school girl in Japan. According to the police, Kuroda has confessed to his crimes. The police are currently investing to see if he has committed other offenses. No one is above the law, y’all.

Can’t slow a Sim down!

READ: Banned from seven countries but Sims Mobile earns $15M in first four months!

Even with all the colorful parades, seems like not everyone is still convinced with LGBTQ relationships. Count these seven countries in for they banned Sims FreePlay in Google Play and App stores for allowing LGBTQ relationships and character choices. Despite all these, Sims mobile has earned $15 million according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates. This puts Sims on the eight rank of the top earning mobile games for the month of June 2018! Just wow!

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