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Globe x Mineski unveils Team Liyab!

“Liyab will be the symbol of the country’s burning passion and pride in global esports events,”

Globe Telecom, in partnership with Mineski, took another step higher for PH esports as they unveil professional esports team called “Liyab”. Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu believes that the team’s intense passion can contribute in reaching the company’s vision in the development of esports in Philippines.

Liyab translates to ‘Blaze’. Cu said “Liyab will be the symbol of the country’s burning passion and pride in global esports events.”

Team Liyab by Globe, in partnership with Mineski

The esports vision

Globe brought international movie and music streaming sites to the Philippines. With that, Filipino filmmakers and artists had a chance to showcase their work to billions of people. Cu believes that if they did it to the movie and music industry, they can also do the same for the esports community.

Through its partnership with Mineski, the esports pioneer and authority in the Philippines, Globe is committed to further strengthening the country’s esports program and solidifying the Philippines’ position alongside the established esports giants in the region.


Globe and Mineski’s campaign, the #PlayItRight advocacy aims to redefine the gaming habits of Filipinos.

“We are now positioning gaming and esports like a real sport for Filipino gamers to follow. By focusing on the total development of the esports athlete such as Physical Wellness, Nutrition, Discipline and Cognitive Development, this provides gamers an avenue to progress to a professional level.” -  Ernest Cu, Globe CEO
Mineski CEO Ronald Robins, dubbed "The Father of Philippine Esports"

Mineski CEO and President Ronald Robins said that Mineski will help shape the local gaming industry by creating professional standards for esports athlete development, influence attitudes, personalities and aspirations of the next generation of gamers.


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