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#PlayItRight: Shaping the local gaming industry

Globe expands its #PlayItRight advocacy by taking discipline into gaming and team Liyab will play a big part in it.

February 7, Globe announced its partnership with Mineski alongside its new Hearthstone and League of Legends roster. Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO, said the creation of a professional esports team is part of the company’s vision through the Globe Games and Esports Program to accelerate the development of esports in Philippines. With that, both parties aim for team Liyab be the standard for professional gaming in the country.

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Now that esports is part of the mainstream, roles are being filled for its constant growth and progress of the athletes. Mineski CEO and President Ronald Robins said, “With the proper management system, we strongly believe we can overcome the hurdles and set an example for many to follow suit as well so to make each country competitive with each game and also to promote a stronger region overall.”

Robins also shared the teams’ management system by introducing sports science, mental and physical programs, as well as proper training facilities – moving away from playing houses.

From the movie and music industry, to professional gaming

“We are now positioning gaming and esports like a real sport for Filipino gamers to follow. By focusing on the total development of the esports athlete such as Physical Wellness, Nutrition, Discipline and Cognitive Development, this provides gamers an avenue to progress to a professional level.”                 - Ernest Cu

#PlayItRight is an anti-piracy advocacy campaign started by Globe last 2017. This campaign encourages downloading or streaming content from legitimate sources only. As #PlayItRight is expanding, entering the world of esports, Globe and Mineski is committed to further strengthening the country’s esports program. Professional gaming is not just about grinding and being skilled. A healthy mind and body is also a must for a focused mind and sharp memory.

Since April 2018, the Globe Games and Esports Program is one of the pioneers of Philippine esports when it comes to organizing and hosting international esports tournaments. A lot of these events like Globe Conquerors Manila lead to the Worlds.Globe does not only aim to get gamers together, they also want to instill good gaming habits.


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