Ground Zero launches a 30-and-older-only CS 1.6 tournament

Counter-Strike has a rich history that dates back all the way to the late 90’s

Initially introduced as a modification of the critically acclaimed Half Life, the CS mod eventually became an independent game after Valve Corporation acquired its rights in 2000.

CS became the definition of the FPS genre, amassing multitudes of players that continues to grow up to this very moment. It’s arguable that every FPS gamer – whether a newcomer or an experienced enthusiast had experienced the magic that is Counter-Strike.

The original CS game received a total of four main series titles. Its 1.3 and 1.6 iterations became the defining game for LAN parties and internet cafes in the mid 2000’s and the latest being Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – which is one of the biggest esports title today.

Living the old moments

Ground Zero Esports Lounge has a treat for long time fans who used to spam “B-5-1” to light up de_dust or deathmatch with friends.

Get your old crew together, we're going on a nostalgia trip! #MakeMemoriesWithUs and relive the glorious days of early...

Geplaatst door Ground Zero op Vrijdag 9 november 2018

The Antipolo based bar-café-gaming lounge recently unveiled Clash of Titos which literally means ‘clash of uncles’ -  a CS 1.6 tournament with an age lock to 30 years and above. Gamers who are familiar with the burden of carrying CRT monitors to a neighborhood LAN party are likely to belong to this tournament.

The tournament has a prize pool of only P 17,500 but it comes secondary to Ground Zero’s main purpose which is to be part of the fun for long-time gamers who want to relive the glorious days of local LAN parties - or those who want to prove that they are the Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo of Counter-Strike ten years ago. Besides, playing casual CS:GO online is still a very different thing from stacking up with friends and enjoying 5v5 pistol only rounds at de_dust.

Clash of Titos will be held this December 1 at Ground Zero Esports Lounge located in Xentromall Antipolo, Rizal. Interested parties can pre-register at their official Facebook page.

MN | Neil Martinez

MN | Neil Martinez

A former editor and writer for a university publication, Neil has incorporated esports to what he does best. He is Mogul’s CS go-to guy and TNC Pro Team’s graphic artist and social media man.

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