While most gamers go gaga over gaming peripherals, gaming glasses often get overlooked. Read on and see if Gunnar MLG Phantom is that missing piece in your arsenal.

Most of us at GameGeek game a lot and for very long durations. At the same time, we also don’t want to miss a chance of finding something new in the gaming world and letting you know about it.

Recently, I noticed the strain these digital screens put on my eyes. It was intense and something had to be done. While looking for a solution, I came across Gunnar’s MLG PHANTOM. We brought it in immediately to check if it really works.

Here, we are reviewing something that’s not only a requirement for professional players but can also be helpful to you for those long gaming durations.

We weren’t just looking for a product to grab and review, we went through a selection process while looking for a pair of gaming eye-wear that was affordable and works. Gunnar’s MLG Phantom boasts of i-AMP lens technology specifically engineered to reduce digital eye strain. MLG Phantom also uses a proprietary patented lens material with anti-reflective lens coatings on front and back of the lens. The lens are also silicon hard coated to prevent from being scratched – which is a concern for a lot of people. It has adjustable silicon nose pads provided to give you that extra comfort while gaming.

The MLG PHANTOM which costs you $79 comes in four colors – the Heat Carbon, Gloss Onyx, Snow and Freeze.

The box contains a pair of the MLG PHANTOM with a pouch for the glasses and a warranty card which covers any manufacturing defects for an year.

Now this was what you will get to know from their website and what they have in the description of the MLG PHANTOM but what we are going tell you now is that if it really works.

I tried the glasses for a month after which I came to the conclusion that** there cannot be a better product for gamers to protect their eyes.**

It not only reduced the strain but also helped me in not feeling sleepy as compared to when I used to get tired really soon which was a problem if staying awake was necessary. The lenses enhance the colors to an extent and make the textures look smoother.

One of the biggest concerns was what if it felt uncomfortable while using a headset which gamers often do. Surprisingly, it wasn’t an issue with the MLG Phantom as the temples of the glasses were slim enough.

They were so effective that I could game a whole day without feeling anything wrong with my eyes. Wearing the eye-wear for gaming sessions lasting 8 to 10 hours a day, it gave no significant weight strain on the face. The Phantom’s lightweight alloy did the trick. In addition, the provided nose pads do help. Just adjust to fit and voila.

The only downsides I could find were that the lens had a tint which was good for gaming but can be a problem for Graphic Designers such as me. Another thing that can’t go unnoticed was how the glasses attract dust. Yup, it isn’t dust-resistant. Also, the temples were ultra slim which made the glasses delicate – could be a good or a bad thing, though.

Having said that, the negatives are nothing in front of the effectiveness of this fine piece of craftsmanship by Gunnar Optics. If your eyes are something of importance to you (which should be, by the way) the MLG Phantom is NOT a luxury, it’s a necessity.