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#IGWIN: Invictus Gaming Sweep G2 Esports Out of the Worlds Semifinals

The Worlds 2018 semifinals have officially begun, and the first score goes to Invictus Gaming.

Chinese underdogs IG has certainly heated up the Worlds stage through their victory against EU pride G2 Esports.

G2 vs IG


A close match between Perkz and Rookie opened up game one. However, first blood goes to Rookie for killing the enemy Jayce with a help from two other champions – it's a two-man gank!

Point for the first game goes to Invictus Gaming.


Three minutes early into the game, we see all three lanes getting into a rising action. Invictus Gaming claimed first blood with Rookie deceiving and eventually killing Perkz's Irelia.

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On to the top lane, G2 got a revenge gank by killing off TheShy with a combo from Gankos and Wunder.

A bot-lane pair battle leaves IG Baolan low, and eventually dead as G2 Wadid's Tahm Kench licks the cow to a temporary slumber. Support against support!

Hitting the four-minute mark, both teams had a nice trade-off tied at 2-2.

At the end of the match, TheShy's Jayce did so well it got IG its second win for game 2.


This time, G2 Esports got their first blood with a very aggressive gank against Ning's Lee Sin.

However, despite the close number in kills, G2 Esports still fails to keep up with Invictus Gaming as TheShy shows off his title as "Raid Boss".

Game three ends with a victory for Invictus Gaming, signifying the end of G2 Esports Worlds journey.

G2 players express their sentiments on social media

Jankos and Hjarnan both share the same thought regarding Invictus Gaming as "a better team" in Worlds this year.

Wadid's tweet was a little more sentimental than the other two.

The Worlds 2018 finals is approaching fast. Who will face off Invictus Gaming next?

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